Daily Meditation for April 18, 2022

Happy Easter! In Ukraine, the Easter Bunny delivers eggs like these!

During these days after Easter, we hear about Jesus’ meeting with Mary Magdalene and some of the apostles. Mary did not recognize Jesus until he called her name. How and when does Jesus call your name? It is in the simple events of the day! When we wake each morning, we are greeted with the gift of new life, another day to be of service to others. Jesus walks with us always and all ways. Our hearts and our eyes must be opened to recognize him: in the lonely neighbor, in the loving child, in the homeless person or in someone who is very ill. He is also present when happy things happen in our lives: an unexpected phone call, a loving note from a friend, or an invitation to visit someone. Take time today to be grateful to Jesus for his constant presence with you.

By Betty Larson, OSB