Daily Meditation for April 15, 2022

After a shower and something to eat and drink, the southern border refugees head to the clothing room. The women search for clothing for their kids, and the men scramble for a belt and shoe laces…yes, belts and shoelaces are taken away by security officers at the detention center as a a precaution, for they could be “weapons.” As one man found a belt that sort of fit him, he said as he tightened it: “I need to feel put together myself before I can move on with this journey.” No wonder that in Luke 12:35, Jesus tells the folks to “gird up your loins and light your lamps like servants who await their master’s return.” We all need to get up, listen up, wise up and maybe catch up if we are to calmly await the master’s return. The lamp is within our reach, and the light of Christ will not fail us, but we must put forth the effort.

By Judy Kramer, OSB