Daily Meditation for April 13, 2022

“While the world changes, the Cross stands firm” (St. Bruno). The world seems in turmoil right now. The situation in Ukraine is devastating and, most appalling is that it is a situation as old as time. Throughout history, all over the globe, there are countless instances of invasion, aggression, and violence by one group of people toward another. Liturgically, we are now at the midpoint of Holy Week. With Christ, we are coming closer and closer to Good Friday and the Cross. It seems so real this year, and we feel so helpless. St. Bruno’s words can help. The world is changing and, in the midst of that change, the Cross stands as symbol. Yes, it was the tool of Christ’s ultimate suffering and death, but that death led to his glorious Resurrection. As the world changes, may we stand firm in our belief that these dark times can transform into a symbol of Good.

By Karen Rose, OSB