Daily Meditation for April 5, 2022

The first signs of spring are always welcome.  The snow was still thick on the ground when we, in mid-Minnesota, heard our first spring bird sounds….(the cardinal that was not here all winter), cedar waxwings busy at the berries on Flowering Crabs, robins looking for patches of ground melted free of snow, a starling or two, an early finch beside the chickadees and juncos waking from  the freezing of this particular winter.  Their sounds and sightings bring waves of hope into a world where frightening news of war and bombings keeps filling our TV screens and social media. It is unnerving to hear constant news of suffering and death when here, life seems to putter along in an ordinary way. Knowing the other side of the planet shakes in fear, let us be aware of their suffering, be in solidarity with them, and with each bird song say a prayer of hope.

By Josue Behnen, OSB