Daily Meditation for April 4, 2022

Jesus declares himself the Light of the World.  He defeats the darkness around/within us, giving His grace, His very self to oppose it and bring us the freedom befitting the children of God.  What is this darkness He dispels? For many of us, darkness consists of such things as ignorance, fear, hatred and perhaps even plain apathy.  We may congratulate ourselves that we are not guilty of big sins—and discount the many small offenses we commit daily.  Yet they too weaken us and prevent the full light of grace to work in us.  We are deep into Lent and perhaps our wills have weakened somewhat in terms of our intended prayer, fasting and almsgiving.  But the light of Christ is there for us—ready to shine within us and guide us to being true followers of Christ, willing and able to escape the darkness.

By Carol Berg, OSB