Daily Meditation for April 1, 2022

Snow glistened as though there were diamonds scattered on top of white mounds of fluffy flakes.  As the sun’s rays fell directly on the white masses, it seemed like the whole area was sparkling.  Such beauty within t he quiet atmosphere, brought a sense of contentment and peace. It was such a gift amidst all the tension that surrounds.  Illness, death, poverty, war, fires, storms, tragedies of all kinds flood our communication systems.  Experiencing this, on a daily basis, can fill one with worry and sorrow.  However, amidst all of this,  the beauty of nature, in its variety of forms, can bring us a feeling of HOPE.  One needs to open one’s eyes and heart to the gifts that God has showered upon us.  In God we trust.  We trust that God will continue to shower us with blessings and grace.  And all one needs to do is respond with joy and thanksgiving.

By Michon Lanners, OSB