Daily Meditation for March 29, 2022

As we move into spring, an obvious and expected part of the season is mud. Mud can be messy and bothersome, often leaving people frustrated in having to clean up the messes it makes. In dealing with this annual spring challenge, a computer-offered quote by an unknown author may offer a bit of an uplifting view of this bothersome reality. I quote, “If we come out of the mud, we should come out stronger and better before we went into it, and I think it is so true.” End of quote. There are times when one may have to deal with difficult messy issues and happenings that are beyond one’s control. In the thick of these challenges, and maybe more surprisingly as one views them later, something good has come from the “so-called muddy mess.” It’s times like that when belief in God’s goodness and loving care navigates us through the messy stuff. As Psalm 27 states: “Let your heart take courage, be strong, and wait for the Lord.”

By Philip Zimmer, OSB