Daily Meditation for March 22, 2022

“Mom, I can do it myself!” And 3-year-old Suzie did. Alas, the coat she put on was upside down. Independence, competence and belonging earn many kudos in our image of ourselves. We feel secure and in charge. In contrast we fear incompetence, not knowing, dependence…all forms of feeling vulnerable. I don’t know much about using a computer or caring for my car. I can’t afford the latest style in clothing or hair care. I’m recovering from the flu and am hampered by my lack of energy. I feel the impact of realizing some of the life-threatening effects of climate change—effects that challenge our health and existence. Might we find some blessings embedded in vulnerability: Help us live in interdependence and community? Assume responsibility to learn and act? Stand in the truth that we are not in control? Realize that “God is God and we are not?” (source unknown)

By Mary Reuter, OSB