Daily Meditation for March 10, 2022

Seasonal changes highlight nature’s faithfulness. We count on renewal of life following winter’s barren days. It’s less easy to be confident of personal hopes when the climate of our times manifests ongoing uncertainties. The press and media often leave us perplexed and anxious about “what comes next.” While there are major environmental disturbances caused by reckless behavior, for the most part we can rely on lovely seasonal changes. Ah, if only people crisscrossing our lives would be equally predictable in favorable ways. Perhaps that is why major religions provide days and seasons of renewal. The restoration of positive change in our lives happen during such times. Just as nature regenerates itself, so are we given opportunity for vigorous return to blessed living. To use another metaphor: spring allows open doors to let in fresh air and to invite households outdoors. So do sacred seasons invite us into invigorating renewal interiorly and pleasurable encounters anywhere.

By Ruth Feeney, OSB