Daily Meditation for March 8, 2022

Notions of what grace is range from the earthly to the heavenly. But we probably all suspect that grace is a gift, one we don’t deserve and  can’t earn or buy. Grace began at the moment of creation, when the astonishing fact of existence dawned. Knowing we need reminders, God seeded time and space with graces large and small. To receive these gifts, all we have to do is be there, alert, with open hands and hearts. As you walk through the winter woods, deer materialize just beside your path, as still and silent as the snow. An exhausted nurse holds the lonely hand of a dying person during the pandemic lockdown. A friend offers words, clumsy and careworn, when you are  bowed low with grief. You raise your voice to protest the oppression our brothers and sisters are suffering. And then comes Easter, and in a church bright with flowers and noisy with alleluias, the grace of resurrection dawns, once again, in our hearts and in our bent, waiting world.

Mara Faulkner, OSB