Daily Meditation for March 4, 2022

Christians throughout the world are observing a time they call “Lent” which is translated as the “spring.” In the Northern hemisphere, it comes at the same time as the springtime in nature. Lent is meant to be a time for awakening to new life in our soul. Letting go of the useless and excessive in our lives, in order to free us for a fresh, new life, is the invitation to all Christians which includes the practice of fasting. Fasting during the season of Lent is meant to affect those aspects of our lives that are burdening and weighing us down. We can fast from excessive food or drink, or from excessive entertainment with TV and other electronic gadgets. We can be fasting from words and thoughts that are harmful or useless. Lent is meant to be a spring time of renewal for our souls and our lives. Happy Lenten season.

By Joyce Iten, OSB