Daily Meditation for March 3, 2022

Over the past few weeks, we watched the Olympic Winter Games. Superb athletes showed their amazing skills which were perfected on the mountainsides, ski jumps, ice rinks and sledding tracks around the world. Most of us could never match their shared physical ambitions: “Higher, Faster, Stronger.” But we can work on those goals as we continually build up our characters. “Higher” relates to integrity, which is exercised every day by unflinching honesty and fairness in everything we say and do. “Faster” describes how quickly and easily we deal with changes, how resilient we are and willing to try new things. “Stronger” is developed by calmness under pressure, responsibly advocating for ourselves and others, and constantly learning from experience and advice.  Olympic medalists relentlessly train to increase and maintain their skills. Similarly let’s put ourselves in constant training to develop gold-medal characters.

By Mary Jackle, OSB