Wearing Glasses

I have been wearing eyeglasses since the sixth grade. When I put on my first pair of glasses, it was like seeing things for the first time. I recall riding home in the car from the eye clinic with my mom; I kept repeating how the trees and the sky seemed so much brighter. In my excitement as everything came alive with my improved vision, I would remove my new eyeglasses for a moment, then with anticipation put them back on to see the dramatic effect over and over.

My older eyes now need a stronger prescription, yet as I continue to look through this magic glass, I am amazed and grateful for being able to experience clear vision. It has me wonder about my inner vision; what do I see clearly and what needs more attention? What do I need to do in my prayer life or daily happenings to keep my inner vision alive? How is God pointing me in the right direction? How do I allow God to work the miracle of love in my life day after day? As my eyeglasses gave me the experience of a brighter world through physical vision, God gives me a clearer vision of who I am when I listen to Him in prayer. I respond to God when I serve others with an attitude of gratitude.

If you would like more information about our common journey, please contact Sister Lisa Rose at lrose@csbsju.edu.

Lisa Rose, OSB

Photo by Sameer on Unsplash