Daily Meditation for February 24, 2022

“No man (one) is an island, No one stands alone, What one puts into the life of another, Comes back into one’s own.” Although I am unable to credit the source of this short poem, it has resonated with me since the first time I read it. To me, it illustrates the connectedness we share as social beings. Today, with the various electronic media devices people use for communication, it seems that many individuals are seemingly more isolated than prior to the availability of these tools for contact. What may be missing is the personal, physical connectedness where emotions and feelings find an avenue for expression. That hunger may be seen by the eagerness for families and friends to be together for special holiday occasions. Let’s not wait for those times. Today, set aside your electronic device; instead, knock on a door, have coffee or tea with someone whom you haven’t seen for a while.

By Phillip Zimmer, OSB