Daily Meditation for February 21, 2022

During a Lenten discussion, Kennedy shared an experience she had at a family gathering at her parents’ cabin when she had to leave to attend a wake of her friend’s father. Among those seated around a table was her four-year-old nephew, Tim, who just loved her. As she passed the table where Tim was seated, he softly called her name. When she asked what he wanted, he motioned for her to come to the other side of the table where he was seated. She crossed to the other side, leaned over and gently asked, “What do you want, Tim?” He just smiled sweetly and tapping the bench gently with the palm of his hand, whispered, “Nothing! Just sit next to me.” She shared that this experience came back to her that February two years ago as she was praying about what to do during Lent and since then, she takes time each day during Lent just to sit next to a smiling Jesus.

By Lois Wedl, OSB