Daily Meditation for February 18, 2022

Sunday mornings bring caramel rolls to the family at the breakfast table. A gift of red roses carries the suitor’s heart on Valentine’s Day. A new novel sparks gladness in its recipient. An elderly woman waves thanks to her neighbor clearing snow from her driveway. A word of challenge nudges his friend to face the truth of a situation. These instances and others, such as a glance of intimacy, word of appreciation, attentive listening, prayer for a friend or an annoyance, delight in the pattern the shadows play on the sidewalk, express care, God’s care, for us and all creation. These expressions call for alertness and sensitivity to notice where we can give at least a nod of attention. Noticing the effects of receiving such gifts can encourage us to appreciate them and know God is with us. We can also gain “a glimpse into the heart of God” (source unknown).

By Mary Reuter, OSB