Daily Meditation for February 17, 2022

It seems that people who have winter birthdays miss out on the excitement of a backyard cook out, a chance to play a round of golf, or spend the day outdoors at the lake. Of course, a grilled meal can happen outside the back door in a February chill. Skiing can be enjoyed at the golf course. Hovering near a fishing hole or snowshoeing across the ice provide good fun as well. So what makes for a celebration? Is it the time of year or the best of locations? Is it not special people who provide a festive occasion? If you’ve been the recipient of a surprise congratulatory party, you recall the stunned joy of being favored by people who are fond of you. The real gift of special events planned in your honor are those who surround you! They are the ones who put the extraordinary in any and every day.

By Ruth Feeney, OSB