Daily Meditation for February 16, 2022

Today, as every day, is a day full of pain and promise. Pain seems to be part of everyday experience. Family members and friends dealing with sickness, loss, or any type of difficulties seem to surround us. Newspapers and social media convey major issues of political divisions and global unrest. Many people suffer from injustice and harsh treatment. BUT, it is said, “When bad things happen, there is always some good that comes out of it.” It is often very hard to see beyond pain, struggle and division. YET, all bad things and events contain a blessing. New insights and learnings come in unlikely ways and give a sense of hope. So, each day resounds with pain and promise. As Julian of Norwich says, “All will be well. All will be well.” Celebrate and embrace the pain and promise this day holds.

By Marlene Meierhofer, OSB