Daily Meditation for February 11, 2022

“A cup of water in His name.” They came off the border patrol bus with solemn faces. It was a hot July day and as ordered, they got into the lines to be checked for COVID-19. We kept our distance, and only after the test could we give bottles of cold water. As we started the distribution, my partner and I stopped to welcome and admire a baby who looked pale and listless. The infant refused the bottle of ?? offered by the mother. He began to whimper and then threw up. I broke the rules and asked the mother to give me the baby’s bottle and asked my partner to clean it and fill it with fresh cool water. Clean bottle with fresh water in hand, my partner returned. As his mother coaxed, we learned his name was Nicholas and they were from Guatemala. Shortly, he began to drink eagerly. After a few moments of savoring the water, he looked up at us with a brilliant smile!

By Judy Kramer, OSB