Daily Meditation for February 10, 2022

Today we remember and honor St. Scholastica, who was St. Benedict’s twin sister, and the only member of his family we know about. Let’s imagine that Benedict’s Rule was written in the 21st century rather than the sixth, and the book includes the requisite “Acknowledgements” section.  If the twins were close, Scholastica may well have been a contributor to Benedict’s masterpiece. Let’s speculate how.  He writes, “I gratefully acknowledge the generous assistance of my sister Scholastica. We spent countless hours discussing the principles necessary for people to successfully work and live together in community. Her keen observations of human nature and ways to encourage spiritual development added valuable perspectives. She read  drafts and contributed meticulous editing for clarity and discretion. I am also in debt to our parents, who taught us values to be lived with sincerity and respect. Our lives and this Rule are a family project.”

Mary Jackle, OSB