Daily Meditation for February 3, 2022

Some people think of Minnesota winters as being rather dull, dark, and certainly, long. In their eyes, the color palette of the season seems to hold only three choices: black, white or grey. At present, so many places in our world seem to reflect the same few colors. Seeing new colors might change everything. Walk out on a winter day and look for the varying shades of brown in bushes and branches, notice the deep greens of the pines, see those occasional blue patches of sky and the red flash of a cardinal, and cheer up. There’s more here than first seen! It’s the same with our view of the human community. Look around to see the variety of colors brought to life through the heroism of firefighters, the courage of parents, the many little acts of kindness happening every day. All these and many more ordinary things add rich color and vibrancy to our winter color palette!

By Christian Morris, OSB