Daily Meditation for February 2, 2022

When Mary and Joseph took Jesus to the temple for the ceremony of dedication to God, they probably did not stand out in any way. They must have seemed an ordinary family—outward appearances not eye catching. Yet, in this event, the Son of God in human flesh was being offered to God and to the nations. The prophet Simeon predicts the child will become a “light to the Gentiles” and the “glory of his people.” But, further in his prophecy, Simeon also foretells of him a mix of joy and grief, the two coexisting. In our own lives, we too experience this mix; a part of life that cannot be avoided. Our love of God, leading us to the service of others, can entail that suffering will sometimes be the price. We are followers of Jesus, the One who remained dedicated—no matter the cost.

By Carol Berg, OSB