Daily Meditation for January 28, 2022

Often things that happen in our everyday lives have unexpected results. For example, consider the weather. Here in the Northern Hemisphere, we have a wide variety of weather situations. Some can be extreme, like sub-zero winter or sweltering summer. Nevertheless, whatever the weather, it is a topic of conversation. Talking about it is so easy, non-threatening. It can be discussed with strangers as well as with friends and casual acquaintances. The weather is an experience shared by all and thus talking about it is meaningful. When we talk together, we are acknowledging each other as persons. Our common experiences help us realize that we are one family sharing this earth together. The weather can make us more sociable. It’s always a safe conversation-starter. It can also bring back memories and lots of storytelling. It may even move into more personal and meaningful subjects. When the weather gets us talking, at least we are noticing each other.

By Margaret Michaud, OSB