“Now That’s a Real Gift!”

On Thursday, I received a notice informing me that I had received a package—a big box! Of course, I was both surprised and pleased. I was not expecting anything.

When I picked it up, the box was light and from my niece who lives in Indy! I knew that she was worried about me because of my sister’s (and her husband’s) recent death, but that was all.

Well! Was I surprised! She included her own special note to tell me that she wanted to send something to me that was not only enjoyable and relaxing, but something I really loved!

As I lifted out a small item seemingly slipped into the side of the box, I screamed because it was a tiny skein of yarn, just the type I love! As I was with the family for my sister’s funeral, I had been crocheting using these same skeins of yarn because they are only 65 yards and made of bright, bright colors. I love making granny squares for Afghans whenever I am travelling. The skeins are easy to take along and the squares are fun to make.

Besides this little extra skein, there were three brightly wrapped gifts. I started on the biggest, of course, and had to scream again, because 19 more skeins of the same kind of gorgeous yarn neatly lined the box. I had guessed it was a blouse because it was so soft! Oh, joy, beautiful granny squares coming up!

But that was only the first box. So, I carefully saved the wrapping paper while opening the next box. Aha! 100 gel pens of all colors! I could not remember that she knew I loved coloring, too! Even as a kid, I loved using crayons to color. Remember we could get boxes of at least 64 crayons of every color? More joy.

Well, then I saw that the last box was flat. Could it be a coloring book? Ah, yes, it was! A large collection of animals and habitats which were portioned off as these new coloring books for adults tend to be.

A real gift! She had remembered the things I love to do that totally absorb my attention and give me pure joy. How humbling to experience such love and caring.

When was the last time I had given such a gift? I want to savor this experience and repeat it for someone else. Thank you, God.

Mary Jane Berger, OSB

Photo by Jess Bailey on Unsplash