Daily Meditation for January 25, 2022

As we begin a new year, we may be wondering what 2022 will bring to us. For some, it will be the first year of life, and we hope that it will be the beginning of something wonderful for them. For some, it will be their first year of marriage or parenthood which may bring new worries as well as new delights. Some will experience a year of transition; perhaps retirement, a new job, moving to a different home, needing more health care, or adjusting to the loss of a loved one. It may be a year of disappointment and loneliness for some, and for others, it might be the best year of their lives. Some will be living their last year of life. May they clearly know how loved and respected they are. May we all open ourselves to graciously receive both the gifts and the challenges that 2022 may set before us.

By Mary Weidner, OSB