Daily Meditation for January 11, 2022

Joey began sobbing before the Christmas tree. His grief was noted by big sister who inquired about the sadness. Christmas was past now, and he got some favorite toys. He exclaimed: “Tomorrow they’re going to take down the Christmas tree. I’ll have to wait another whole year to see it again.” The teenager tried to comfort him scanning future excitement to direct his imagination forward. “Joey, you have a birthday in March. Then the Easter Bunny comes. Before you know it, the weather will allow you to take your bike for a ride.  Then, don’t forget July 4th with grand fireworks.” This settled the boy down a bit. It does make one wonder what keeps spirits up in a new year. What do we want to happen? With the rising Omicron virus, a struggling economy and confrontations continuing, can we get excited about anything? It’s worth imagining possibilities while ensuring that they happen.

By Ruth Feeney, OSB