Living in the Present Moment

As I pondered the beginning the new year, it had me wondering what I will do differently this year to live in the present moment. How will I stay more attentive to where I am and what I am doing throughout my day? For example, when I am at Liturgy of the Hours, sharing a meal and conversation around the common table, working at my desk, or enjoying a game of scrabble, I may notice my thoughts are wandering and that I am preoccupied. I am not staying in touch with the activity I am currently involved in, and I find myself getting anxious when this happens. I need to pay attention and call myself back from the distraction.

I sense this happens to many of us, so I believe that I am not alone in this challenge to live in the moment. I want to develop a simple practice to bring me back to the present moment. As I was writing this blog in December, I took a deep breath. I realized that deep breath was my answer. So now when I sense I am drifting away from the moment, I will remind myself to simply take a few deep breaths and return to what I am currently doing.

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Lisa Rose, OSB

Photo: A peaceful winter scene, taken by Sister Karen Streveler