Daily Meditation for December 24, 2021

All barns have a Cat In Charge. I am Aziza, and my barn is located near Bethlehem. Tonight a young traveling couple stopped here, since this is the only place left to stay and the woman was about to give birth. The stars tonight are very bright, and there is a sound in the air like wings flapping and a strange kind of humming. Some shepherds were the first to notice this so they came down from the hillside to see what was going on. They met the travelers, and shared some leftover stew still warm from their campfire. Then some townspeople found out, and in their tradition of hospitality came to welcome the newcomers. Everyone brought something: food and even oats for the donkey, a large wool blanket, and one child gave her much-loved doll to the baby. The new father got some coins and congratulations. Then the baby was snuggled in the manger, so I will share my bed and keep him warm. Are you coming too? What will you bring?

By Mary Jackle, OSB