Christmas Greetings and Love Shared

For the last three weeks, Episcopalians, Lutherans, Roman Catholics, Presbyterians and United Church of Christ Christians have met together to reflect on Advent Psalms. The psalm below is a result of persons writing their own psalm of HOPE and then taking their favorite line and putting it together with a few other people. Each line is composed by a different person, and this reflection is the result of almost 50 people. Pat Pickett, OblSB, has shared this with us.

He gives me hope and love, which is everlasting.
Despite my doubts,
Despite my fear
Despite what I hear
In Christ I’ll stand
Thank you for the promises which you keep.
Hope is not fleeting.
The Lord of Hosts is with me.
He is my strength.
Hope flits by like dragonflies
that stop to rest on the petals of bright orange flowers.

So the Lord makes all things possible.
Turn to Me and trust that I alone will protect what I created, including you, who I have created and loved into being.
Oh Holy One, keep vigil with me in my doubts.
So I can let go.

Hope continually puts one foot in front of the other when others say you cannot walk.
You spoke directly to me, it seemed, about turning my burden over to You
I trust You to be in everything.
Rest in the arms of hope; no need to fight.
God has provided a way for us to be restored to Him.

Hope carries us through all of our lives.
Hope is what we should pass onto others.
God, in you all things are possible.
Through deep valleys, dark nights, agonizing realities, you have been there,
Leading me to resurrections.

We come delighted by the sound of your voice
Let us dance instead of fight
I am sad I have to admit my struggle but your word gives me hope
I wait in hope
My silence is my gift for my words are simple 

In the dawn of the new day,
In the depth of his love, I dwell between the past and the future: remorse and fear.
Stop your “woe are we, oh woe are we”: God holds all things together.
I trust you God of all creation,
My hope is in the Universal, Cosmic Christ: the Alpha and the Omega.

Pat Pickett, OblSB

Photo by Green Chameleon on Unsplash