Daily Meditation for December 8, 2021

The recent climate conference in Glasgow, Scotland, made us more aware of the problems facing our Planet Earth. Governments have announced their goals, and as concerned citizens, we need to hold them accountable. But as individuals and local communities, we are not off the hook. We, too, must commit ourselves to action. A group in Falmouth, Mass., can be an inspiration. Susan Baur and Mary Grauerholz, 81 and 71 years old, are dedicated members of the Old Ladies Against Underwater Garbage. From April to October, they put on wetsuits and scuba gear, diving into freshwater ponds to remove trash that is harmful to underwater life. As Baur says, “These animals want to live just as much as we do, and there are tangible things we can do to help.” Two women, well past retirement age, have found an original and effective way to care for creation. Are we up to that challenge?

By Delores Dufner, OSB