Daily Meditation for December 7, 2021

What is the most significant challenge you have faced in the last two months? How did you negotiate the looming trouble it presented? Psychologists suggest that developing resilience is vital for coping with the difficulties and tragedies in life. Resilience, they tell us, is the capacity to bounce back after life’s defeats. Regaining a sense of equilibrium prepares us for the next inevitable challenge. We’ve seen some people who are backed against walls of poverty, homelessness, and abuse demonstrate a resilience that is remarkable and seemingly impossible. How do they do it? Their hope for a new tomorrow produces endurance in the midst of today’s painful defeats. Love is the power that sustains their dreams for a brighter future. Faith in a God who promises grace for every time and every tribulation makes all things possible. When defeat looms on life’s horizon, resilience wins.

By Christian Morris, OSB