Daily Meditation for November 25, 2021

“Let us give thanks to the Lord our God.” For many Christian people, this phrase appears in our rite of worship. As for myself, I know I hear it so frequently that it often slips past without a conscious awareness of the importance of the phrase. We participate in this Thanksgiving Day that is set aside as day of gratitude and awareness of how blessed we are with so much that is good and beautiful. Praying this above phrase and its response could be the words we use to express our gratitude for our Creator’s endless gifts. “Let us give thanks and praise to God…It is Right and Just.” Then, as many of us gather on this Thanksgiving Day, being surrounded by those dear to us, let’s savor the gift of a delicious meal, remembering, as a grateful people, to give thanks to our loving Creator and Provider.

By Philip Zimmer, OSB