Daily Meditation for November 23, 2021

If you woke up tomorrow morning and discovered that everything in your life had disappeared, except the things you were thankful for today, what would you have left? In these challenging times, it is sometimes hard to maintain an attitude of gratitude. Yet studies show that people live longer, healthier lives when they recognize the blessings found in the routine of each day. When did you last express gratitude for waking up in a heated or air-conditioned home, for having clean air to breathe, food on your table, clean water at the turn of a faucet, and people whose love, care, kindness and forgiveness you experience daily? Have you recently thanked a healthcare worker, teacher, farmer, gardener, police officer or firefighter? During this Thanksgiving month, take time to be grateful for the many good and beautiful things that you often take for granted, especially the people who love you.

By Mary Weidner, OSB