Daily Meditation for November 22, 2021

“We cannot, unlike other countries send rockets to the moon, but we can send rockets of love and hope to our brothers and sisters wherever they may be.” Julius Nyerere, President of Tanzania (1922–1999). Jade eagerly shared Nyerere’s quote with the members of her senior social justice retreat group. Lucinda was the first to respond. Her 72-year-old cousin, Georgia, had just tested positive for COVID and dreaded being quarantined for 14 days. She suggested that each member send a letter to her cousin on a different day including a joke that Georgia could share with others in the retirement home later on. Tim saw himself spending 10 or 15 minutes in quiet prayer and sending the fruits of that time with Jesus to not only Georgia but to all who are quarantined with COVID. Within minutes, rockets of love, hope and healing began filling the hearts of many.

By Lois Wedl, OSB