Daily Meditation for November 18, 2021

Are we convinced that we are our sisters’ and brothers’ keeper? Here are some questions about this concept to test our personal understanding. (1) Who, beyond our own families, IS our brother and sister? (2) What is it that is wanted or needed by them? (3) How can I be their keeper, and how can I know? We admire effective work teams, close-knit families, helpful neighbors, and generous first responders. We can each do something to enhance our own relationships. Perhaps the gift that I can give today is the alms of my words, given lovingly, gently, thoughtfully, while actually looking into that other’s eyes, also gently and lovingly, without judgment, second-guessing or even fear. My gracious words can either open a door or keep a door open to another’s heart. Where do I begin today so that the alms of my words will matter to someone?





















Renee Domeier, OSB