Daily Meditation for November 17, 2021

For believers of all sorts, it is tempting today to ask, “Where is God in this broken and chaotic world? Does God even care about what is happening? Where is God?” In a recent papal audience, the sound of a crying baby drowned out the first words of Pope Francis’ remarks. He immediately stopped speaking and said, “Never silence a crying baby in Church, never, because it is the voice that attracts God’s tenderness.” If Pope Francis is right, that God is attracted to the cries of a child, where is God when God hears the cries in our world? What happens when we hear these same cries? Do we try to silence them, or do we allow ourselves to hear voices of pain and suffering? In responding to them, we share in God’s tenderness. Look for God no further than in the cries of your sisters and brothers.

By Christian Morris, OSB