Why Did God Allow for a Motherless Child?

“Sometimes I feel like a motherless child,
a long way from home…”
(From a traditional Negro Spiritual)

God knew there would need to be someone who would be strong enough to carry the weight of the grief. Someone that would be able to feel the pain of grief so deep that they felt at times like it would break them, but would keep going.

He knew they would need to be someone that was willing to face the days knowing they would never hear their mom’s voice again or feel the warmth of her hugs. Someone that could still find beauty in each day even when life had shown them the darkest of valleys in their grief. Someone that would one day be able to show that even the distance between Heaven and earth can’t stop a mother’s love.

He needed someone that would let the tears flow but still be willing to tell others that even though this grief is so hard, and they miss their mom so much, God is still good.

He knew He would need someone that wouldn’t be afraid to say “It wasn’t supposed to be this way,” “I wasn’t supposed to lose her so soon,” but also knows that losing her doesn’t make them any less her child, it just means that being her child looks different than it used to.

Someone that would know the heartbreak from a loss, the grief in “I miss you” and the ache that sits in an empty chair during the holidays and special events. Someone that would travel so deep in the trenches of grief but one day find the beauty in what once was and the peace in what will never be.

Someone that He knew would wake up every single day missing her deeply but with a thankful heart would know that they would see her again one day.

Because God knew that even that final goodbye can’t take away the fact that they are forever their mother’s child.

That’s why He allowed for a motherless child.

Mariana Martinez

Photo by Zulmaury Saavedra on Unsplash