Daily Meditation for November 12, 2021

As one sits in the waiting room at a particular doctor’s office, there is a TV to watch, pictures of physicians who occupy the area, and a very large photo of four black-and-white cows standing near a feeding trough. One of the cows is standing very straight with its head pointing away from the trough, looking into space; one has its head looking intently at the food; the other two with heads near the trough are looking at each other. Pondering on their positions, one may find many messages or suggestions of how we as human beings may respond to others in a community setting or during a table conversation. Even though one is enjoying the food, is it the most important thing that is happening? Is it apparent that some other event in the area is more inviting than what is happening with the group that I am with? Is it obvious that the people spending time with each other are aware of each other and enjoying their time together?

If one appreciates and cares for others, it seems that respecting, listening and treating those with us as Christ, as St.Benedict encourages us to do, affirms that one is making the best effort to bring a touch of love and peace to those present. And certainly that love and peace will be passed on to others.