Daily Meditation for November 11, 2021

The decision of what shall I wear today takes a bit of time for some of us, but in the “ropa room” of any border mission house, the choices are slim. We tried to keep the clothing sorted by size, gender, and even color, but that usually proved almost impossible with harried volunteers, scores of clients, and folks just delighted to see such an abundance of pre-owned clothing at their disposal! A well-used, multi-chipped, faded statue of the Good Shepherd looked down upon us from an upper level of the clothing rack. A seven-year-old boy helped me burrow through a stack of jeans hoping we could find something near a fit. He spotted the statue above us and informed me that the statue was “God, and you ladies are his angels!” The other volunteer in the room looked at me in silence. We had no response.

By Judy Kramer, OSB