Daily Meditation for October 14, 2021

The fog was very dense, preventing one from seeing the farm buildings across the Mississippi River. It was early morning. As the sun rose and it became brighter outside, the beauty that had been so obvious the day before came into view. A lush green lawn, healthy-looking foliage, birds and baby squirrels searching for food and boats moving up and down the river, inviting one to spend time in quiet reflection. There was no possibility to see these lovely things when the fog covered them. The beauty was hidden. As the fog rose, the reality of the surroundings became clearer and clearer and world seemed a lot more attractive. Isn’t it easy to become like the fog, covering our real selves from exposing the beauty within? It seems when we invite the “Son” of God to brighten our lives, we and others, see the beauty within. At that moment it seems so easy to praise God for God’s love of our world.

By Michon Lanners, OSB