Daily Meditation for October 13, 2021

It’s the intention, not the gift, that counts. This past summer while serving with Border Ministry in Laredo, Texas, we welcomed, fed, clothed, and helped with communication between refugees and sponsors for the flood of people on the move who passed through the doors of the Catholic Charities shelter. When they left for the airport or depot, there was always a flurry of words in two languages to go with the hugs of farewell. Many of the volunteers brought or purchased items of clothing, hygiene products, or what we thought might be helpful or comforting for the refugees/immigrants. Among other items, we had brought rosaries. When my 12-year-old friend, Ximena, was leaving, she hugged me and pressed into my hand what she called “a precious gift”…Yes, it was a rosary! One of the very ones we had brought! I whisper, “You are welcome,” every time I use it now!

By Judy Kramer, OSB