Daily Meditation for October 11, 2021

It’s inspiring to read how people near military bases have come together to supply what’s needed for Afghan refugees. School children and teens have collected clothing and toys for children. Church groups and other organizations gathered clothes, shoes, and additional necessities. Money has been given to cover essential needs. These gifts are for former professionals and the poor among these refugees who long to provide for their own families. These are handovers, not hand offs or handouts. They come from good-hearted Americans. During the past year, we were scandalized to see harm inflicted through resistance, violent protests, and mouthing malicious information. It is heartening to witness the admirable character of this nation in the generosity of people who remember hard times and want to give a helping hand. Generous services, sacrifices and bountiful sharing of resources give Americans the good name our country hopes to retain.

By Ruth Feeney, OSB