Daily Meditation for October 7, 2021

Recent floods on the east coast and fires on the west coast have highlighted the environmental crisis we are facing. With the current midwestern drought, we have had personal experience of the devastation brought on by climate change. We may feel powerless, and we may be tempted to throw up our hands in hopelessness. What can one person possibly do to counteract the dire situation in which we find ourselves? A recent article in the St. Cloud Times (Sept. 19, 2021, p. 4a) described the creative response of a young teen in Columbia, South America. During the 2020 pandemic with virtual classes, 14-year-old Jacobo Rendon began to photograph and describe the birds native to his locale. He is assembling an illustrated guide to local bird life and plans to donate his work to a nearby cultural center. Jacobo hopes that his project will inspire others to help preserve the birds for future generations. What creative response will I make on behalf of our beautiful Planet Earth?

By Delores Dufner, OSB