Thoughts on Ceaseless Prayer

As I leave the Oratory at the end of Liturgy of the Hours or my private prayer of lectio, I realize what I really desire is to extend my prayer, bringing the peace and love I experienced with me throughout the day. I want prayer to become so ingrained in my life that each moment, each action, every conversation that I have, is an invitation to welcome God into each element of my day. Each encounter with a person, in conversation, or through an email is a chance for me to participate fully in the life of another human being, a child of God. I want to make these moments opportunities to grow into a deeper relationship with God.

Saint Benedict asks us to pray without ceasing in his Rule. What does this really mean? It could call me/us to pay attention to my own words, thoughts, and actions throughout the day; to be mindful all the time. To offer a prayer to God before I begin any activity allows my whole day to become an act of love and service. I remind myself daily that each day is a gift from God to be lived fully; I do this best through mindful prayer and paying attention to the moment.

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Lisa Rose, OSB

Photo: Our Oratory at Saint Benedict’s Monastery, taken by Sister Nancy Bauer