Daily Meditation for October 1, 2021

I remember when my farmer father would talk about rain in the end of September and how difficult it was to have rain in autumn.  It was needed during the hot growing season, but in autumn it brings additional burdensome challenges for crops and fields. Which leads to the question, what does one do when things do not go the way we plan? When out of the ordinary things happen and fill our days?  How do I handle the unexpected?  When surprises surface, life gives opportunities to hone values that make for harmony. Values like gentleness and patience, like peace and becoming aware of opportunities for expressing kindness and helpfulness. We live in a society that expects things to go our way, on time and in the way we want. When it rains in the wrong time and place, we have an opportunity to mature with patience, kindness and gentleness.

By Josue Behnen, OSB