Leaves Aloft

Just enough breeze to set you flying. . .

actually you just made a graceful corner

around the west side of the hermitage.  Nice!

But I wonder where you will go:

a peace offering to the Afghan woman

ready to graduate with her PhD?

an invitation to the Taliban soldier wondering

if he should lay down his arms now or later?

maybe you will fly to a child who understands nothing

of war, flight, terrible treatment of his  mother?

or are you a signal to a nun so worried about the future

that she no longer trusts in the possibility of change?

ALL of the above?

What is it to You, my God?

one small yellow leaf blown from its home

to take Its lofty mission to a burning world

fires as close as Central Minnesota

spoken hatred to the strangers fleeing genocide

refugees, all in flight to safety, to America

a President being questioned his humanity

and You, your divinity ?

Oh, God and Mother Mary, untie our knots ; we need you!

Is there really “joy in the morning”?

Or must we continue to weep?

Renée Domeier, OSB