Bridgefolk Conference 2021

The19th annual *Bridgefolk conference will be held August 13–14, 2021, via Zoom. This year’s conference, Called Together to Face Racial Injustice: Starting Close In, invites people of all races, creeds and ethnic backgrounds to join together to face racial injustice and honestly ask questions to help identify how we may unconsciously harbor racist attitudes which contribute to the sin of systemic racism in our society.

If you would like to walk with Bridgefolk on this journey, we invite you to participate in the 2021 conference. The conference schedule, details, and online registration can be found on the Bridgefolk website. If you have any questions, contact Sister Karen Rose at or (320) 363-7142.

*Bridgefolk is a grassroots movement of Mennonites and Roman Catholics. Proceeding through friendship, we accept and honor one another’s traditions and seek to forge new and shared practices of common life. Facing the evil of racial injustice and seeking ways to alter attitudes and behaviors to create a more just and loving society is a key commitment for our group. Our sisters, particularly Sister Ann Marie Biermaier and Sister Theresa Schumacher†, have been involved with Bridgefolk for a number of years, and Sister Karen Rose is a co-planner for this year’s conference.