Daily Meditation for June 1, 2021

Matthew’s Gospel (chapter 5, verses 1–10) lists eight Beatitudes Jesus gave during his Sermon on the Mount. For followers of Jesus, they are a blueprint for a spiritual life. We may find some of the Beatitudes more attractive and amenable in our troubled times, though all of them can be applied on a daily basis. A few that seem most needed at this point would include: Blessed are the Poor in Spirit—reminding us how utterly dependent we are on a loving God whatever our status; Blessed are They Who Mourn—impelling us to relieve the suffering around us, reaching out to those experiencing great loss; Blessed are They who Hunger and Thirst for Righteousness—better expressed as Justice—calling us to work for a more equitable world; Blessed are the Merciful—bringing forgiveness and healing to all. The Beatitudes help us see, envision and strive for a God-centered world.

By Carol Berg, OSB