Daily Meditation for May 31, 2021

Spring seems to be the time when nature sets the stage with all sorts of sights, sounds and smells to show the glory of God. Everything about spring beckons us to come and play. Everything is in abundance: lacy green trees, soft rains, earthy smells, bright blue sun-drenched skies, fresh watercress, sweet-sour rhubarb and tender green asparagus shoots. We take our first barefoot run across the lawn; listen to the argument of the redbirds and the chorus of the finches; marvel anew at the first dandelion and the Johnny jump-ups in the cracks of the sidewalks. And then we smell the lilacs and the apple blossoms and we know the bees cannot be far behind. The soul must soar; surely there is a God. Will we ever be so blessed again? Loud and clear the answer comes—just wait for summer!

By Phyllis Plantenberg, OSB