Daily Meditation for May 26, 2021

The Finger of God through our hands: Sweat was beginning to blossom on our foreheads! They kept coming and the three of us glanced at each other and then at the roaster. The food was fast disappearing! They were hungry and they had a right to be. The city had arranged for space, supplies, and helpers, and we were the volunteer cooks. Looked like we had just not prepared enough food! The bottom of the roaster appeared. We scraped the dry edges and then there was simply no more food. And still they came. Then (truly this happened), the crowd parted and a young woman wearing a local restaurant apron made her way toward us. She was in tears, carrying large roaster full of hot chicken, dressing and bubbling gravy. She moaned, “The graduation dinner gave us the wrong date and the boss yelled get rid of this food! I don’t care how!…Thank God you are still serving!”

By Judy Kramer, OSB